Monday, November 14, 2016

PI Update: Is The Revolving Floor Still There?

That was the sign for Mannequins Dance Palace back in the day!
When they installed the new sign last year they spelled Mannequins wrong but we all know what it is!
Stepping inside, who can forget Mannequins enormous light wall up on the stage!
Now upstairs back there it's a private dining area. Boring.
Mannequins had those gaudy purple pillars all over the place.  We loved them though!
The pillars are still there but now they're white.
But what about that amazing revolving dance floor?
Prior to the building reopening, sources told the Blog that the dance floor was too expensive to remove so it was to be buried with a new floor built over it.  On opening night a General Manager told me that it was removed in sections because it was rotten and filled with water.  I'm skeptical. No one ever saw it removed and the Blog had many eyes on the place. And indeed, why remove it when you could build over it?  Personally, I think it's still there!  And after Morimoto goes out of business for crappy service (see Blog tomorrow), the revolving dance floor will rise again!


Anonymous said...

Love the "Before and After" shots. Hope to see more of this in the future...

Anonymous said...

There was a photo, of what looked like a bulldozer inside the building. I can tell you, for sure the dance floor would NOT have held the weight of that machine. Heck there was times we couldn't put a small man lift on parts of it without worrying about it breaking the wood while doing maintenance on the sound and lighting rig.

So dig up that photo and take a 2nd look at it for your answer.

Anonymous said...

also no way the mannequins floor is under the new flooring they built. all the booths all the people on the new floor it would fall in! SO yes I do believe the old floor os gone!

KingBob said...

Anon at 9:25AM, thanks.

Anon at 10:16AM, I don't recall any photos of the floor with a bulldozer on it. I agree that the old dance floor would not support the weight of a bulldozer.

Anon at 10:54PM, if the old floor was covered with bracing and a layer of concrete, it could support people & booths quite easily. The old floor itself could not.

Unknown said...

I believe the revolving dance floor is gone but if Disney ever wanted it back they could easily build another one.

Anonymous said...

HOW could they support it? to get under would be near impossible. very very little room under that floor. sorry it was removed.
at times the place was covered lotof work had been done stuff taken away. and well unless you had a LOT of people watching 24/7 and you know Disney security will not let anyone in a lot after a certain time with that been said would have had to drive by HOW good can you see when doing this? stop again you will be told to leave.

Unknown said...

I believe I read it was sold and sent to a company in Massachusetts.