Saturday, November 12, 2016

Concert Report: FSOB VS TorqueDNB (Native)

The biggest match-up since Game 7!  Future Sound of Breaks vs TorqueDNB took place last night at Native Field with both teams bringing their heavy hitters!
On the Breaks side, arrived to find NLP's DJ Matrix & J-Dub in the booth taking their turns!
And even though it wasn't even 11PM yet, the club was packed!
The dance floor level was full! The upper bar level was full!
At 11:30PM it was time for some Jungle! DJ's Molecule & Circle K taking over!
With MC Collaborator providing the commentary!
View from the booth showing the growing activity below!
High-speed BPM's prevented anyone from standing still.
Spotted at the upstairs bar: Devon
Spotted on the dance floor: Nikki going 90-to-nothing!
Spotted on the dance floor: Trish
Spotted at the upper bar: Natasa, Madeline & Ira of Mazor Productions
Spotted in VIP: Glyn S. Morgan of FSOB. We look forward to his next massive in Miami in March!
Spotted in VIP: Nikki with DJ's Magic Mike (USA) & AK1200 (USA).

 Spotted on the dance floor: LadyV and Jody
Spotted on the dance floor: Shelley with DJ Kevin Timebomb
Spotted by the stairs: Nikki with Amanda
Spotted on the mezzanine: Jen of Mazor Productions
Spotted on the dance floor: Victoria

 Spotted on the dance floor: Marshall with a mystery girl!
Around 12:30AM, the dynamic DJ duo RobE & Security representing Breaks!
The dance floor never let-up!
And the highlight of the night began at 1AM as DJ Magic Mike took over to do a live DnB set, alternating with another legend, AK1200!
Absolute bedlam on the floor for this!
Both of these guys have been in the dance scene for decades!
And of course we know Magic Mike from his years at House of Blues Sunday night Service Industry night which Disney axed last year!
Crazy night last night and a good time was had by all!


Kevin Timebomb said...

Great time at Native. The legends of bass tore the roof off! Nice photos, really captures the vibe.

KingBob said...

Thanks, Kevin! Was fun seeing you all.