Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pleasure Island At ADH?

OK, this past Tuesday we published a rumor that Atlantic Dance Hall's contract to operate as a nightclub for the Swan & Dolphin hotels may not be renewed in the coming year and thus the club might be closing. Well we have an update today on that.  Sources tell Save Pleasure Island Blog that indeed ADH may be closing.....but then reopening as a Pleasure Island themed night club!
You may recall the rumor late last year where we reported that a new manager at ADH wanted to do various Pleasure Island-themed nights there. Nothing ever happened because he supposedly transferred elsewhere. This past summer we were told he was back and resurrected this PI idea.  We're told that there would be an 8TRAX night with 70's & 80's music, there would be a Mannequins night with Dance music, there would even be a Comedy Warehouse night!  In addition, sources tell us there would be themed projections on the exterior of the building with club logos, etc.
So the rumor about ADH closing may be true and it might also be true that it's going to reopen as Pleasure Island 2.0 of sorts! 

The other rumor we have today is somewhat related to the above rumor but is also distinct. Notwithstanding the accuracy of the above, sources tell Save Pleasure Island Blog that this year's New Years Eve party at Atlantic Dance Hall is going to be Pleasure Island themed! Supposedly music from all the Island's clubs will be played and there will be club props & signs to represent them as well.  We're told there might even be an appearance by the Adventurers Club troupe!  OMG, if this is true, tickets are going to be snapped-up fast and ADH will have it's first NYE sellout since the year PI first closed! We will keep you updated!


DJMadManRay said...

This would be awesome!! But, I'm not going to get too excited yet.. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

R Flowers said...

Little late to try this,, it will fail like the HOB with trying to do DV8..

Anonymous said...

I agree with R Flowers! too late and too many have moved on! and it will be hard to decide what night to do what club? surprize tonight is 8TRAX AC beach club Mannequins? NO that will not work!

Anonymous said...

Hope they don't use the same lame dj's they have now.

Anonymous said...

I could see the NYE Party having the adventures club overlay to it. As you recall, last year there was a hard ticket NYE event with AD Club cast / show, it had GREAT reviews and I believe sold out. So naturally putting that "radio" show inside of ADH on the stage fits well. Throw in some existing DJ's that play 8 tracks, and yea.. you've got the makings of a SOLD OUT.. PI @ ADH NEW YEARS EVE Party! (and we know Disney loves the words SOLD OUT!)

Now as for projections with logo's and making it some kinda themed permanent thing.


Weddings / Corp Events pay the bills, always remember that.

Troy said...

I'm not sure if we'll see that every night or weekly, but I can imagine them doing "mini reunions" once a month or something like that. Each club gets a pair of reunions per year; something along those lines. Hard ticket the events and Disney would like make a ton of money with very little extra expenditures - most of the dance clubs would involve a little different decorations and just different music, and we know many of the AC props are still around.

It could do well if Disney actually wanted to acknowledge PI and do something for its fans.

Jason said...

Here's hoping!