Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PI Update: Edison Detail

With the scaffolding now removed, we can see the new smokestack tower of The Edison currently under construction on Pleasure Island.
We don't really know what The Edison is going to be but we know the theme is that the venue was built inside a former electric power plant and this is the old power plant smokestack.  Of course we know it was actually built inside the old Adventurers Club!
Inside the entrance is a new cupola.
In this file photo we see the former tower and cupola of Adventurers Club.
There is a entire new facade on the east wall facing Paradiso 37.
Unless this is just decorative, odd location for a downspout considering it would drain onto a Paradiso 37 outdoor dining patio.
This file photo shows the extensive windows that AC used to have along the entire east wall.
Where those windows were in the northeast corner, a new corrugated metal wall.
And a current look at the north-facing upstairs rear under heavy construction.
And another view, this time of the downstairs rear.

 Another file photo, this one of the former north-facing rear.
Huge project overall that's supposed to open in Spring, 2017 per that sign in the first photo. Thursday we'll take a look at what's going on next door on the former BET Soundstage site.

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