Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is Disney Closing ADH?

A source has told Save Pleasure Island Blog that Disney's Atlantic Dance Hall contract with the Swan & Dolphin hotels is allegedly up this coming year and it's not going to be renewed. This presumably means Atlantic Dance Hall may be closing.
I first started going to ADH in early 2009, a few months after Pleasure Island was closed. The incredibly beautiful art deco facility was never advertised and consequently was nearly always empty.  I questioned ADH management at the time about this paradox and learned that ADH was built and operated by Disney for the nearby Swan and Dolphin Hotels. The contract supposedly required Disney to operate a night club for those resorts but apparently didn't require Disney to also promote the place.  And because Disney didn't want the 2AM noise adjacent their pricey Boardwalk Resort hotels, they didn't. I was told then that their contract had 5 years remaining on it however 2014 came and went with no mention of any changes at ADH.
So here we are in 2016 and suddenly we're told of the contract expiring in the coming year and it not being renewed.  Our source don't know if this meant Disney decided to not renew it or if Starwood Hotels decided not to renew it. With the PI closure, Atlantic Dance Hall was Disney's last remaining nightclub. And with House of Blues rumored to be relocating elsewhere when their contract expires in 2019, Walt Disney World is looking bleaker and bleaker for any semblance of adult nightlife.


Anonymous said...

I could see it, ADH makes MONEY as a wedding / convention location. Closing it to nightly ops just means weddings can book MORE events in there and trust me, they will.

But overall remember, Disney wants most adults in there bed's by 11pm, and if you want to drink by all means, you'll pay the price at Trader Sams or the new "Magic" drink shop that's about all the nightlife Disney can handle.

R Flowers said...

I am at the point for as many years that PI is closed I don't even care about anything Disney dos with their property .. but I love the parks.. and going to bed at real hour and not party till sun comes up..lol so with that PARTY ON WAYNE, PARTY ON GARTH..


Jason said...

House of Blues closed at DTD in LA. I'm sure they'll close it at DS too. Never liked it anyway. They should turn it back into a Disney run club. Relocate Mannequins Dance Palace to that building.

KingBob said...

We'll have an update on the ADH story tomorrow (Thursday).

Great idea, Jason!

Anonymous said...

And so did STK not turn into any type of dance crowd? I remember all the downtown DJs sword fighting each other to get in there , what goes on at STK outdoor patio, wasn't it supposed to be a after 11 dance thing?