Sunday, October 2, 2016

Club Reports: The Fifth Social Club, CHUM Street Party, Bar 244 (Toronto)

Hanging out Saturday night in the TED....the Toronto Entertainment District. Beginning with a visit to The Fifth Social Club!
DJ JUG E (CDN) in the booth delivering Retro.
Mannequins had its revolving dance floor. The Fifth has this swing!  Arrived just after their 10PM opening so there wasn't a lot of people here yet.
But within an hour it was like this! With more people pouring in!
The music was 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's hits!
Even some recent EDM as the night wore on!
Just an amazing vibe in the club built by this guy!
The swing would eventually be put up for the night but before then it got a lot of use!
Fun night with music that everyone knows the words to!
While switching clubs, heard the distinctive beat of Techno blaring in the distance and followed my ears to the side street adjacent radio station CHUM.
And discovered a street dance taking place with the DJ playing off the bed of a pickup truck!
Real, Detroit-style Techno!
The street was jammed!
And all of a sudden the police told the truck to move. And, music blaring, the truck moved on.....
...followed by hundreds of revelers behind it! Had never seen anything like it!
Had read a lot about Bar 244!
Locally famous for C$3 beer & mixed drinks all night long! That's about US$2.25!
DJ Tygr (CDN) on the decks in the basement club!
The place was packed!
Ontario's 19-yr old drinking age & cheap drinks draw a young crowd here!
Music was all-EDM touching on Top 40 during my visit!
Amazing vibe in here too!
A good time was had by all!

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