Thursday, September 8, 2016

DS Update: Planet Hollywood Observatory & Paddlefish Progress

Updating you on the conversion of Planet Hollywood into Planet Hollywood Observatory juxtaposed with the PHO concept art.
They've been unsuccessful in ridding the exterior dome of those stars.
Hard to see in this light but all three sides of the entry building have "OBSERVATORY" written on them.

The strategy now apparently is to cover the dome with vinyl sheets pulled taught. 

This file photo shows you what the entrance used to look like.
Updating you next on the conversion of Fulton's Crab House into Paddlefish juxtaposed with Paddlefish concept art.
While you can't see what is happening inside the dome of Planet Hollywood, you can definitely see what's going on inside Fulton's as it has been stripped bare!
The forward section of the paddlewheeler.
Yellow ants and orange ants scurrying all about the boat!
The concept art does show the return of the aft paddle wheel plus 2 smokestacks on top!
This file photo shows you what Fulton's used to look like.

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