Saturday, September 17, 2016

Concert Report: Croatia Squad (The Social)

Friday night at The Social.
Arrived around 11PM to find DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) aka The Dom on stage delivering great music that walked a fine line between Deep House and EDM!
Of course we know Dom from Mannequins Dance Palace back in the day as well as more currently from upstairs at Aero Bar!
The dance pit had a few people on it at this early hour.
Orlando's best New Years Eve party happens at EPCOT and Dom will be spinning EDM that night in China! Details here.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Smilin' Dan with CJ and Ashley
As midnight approached, club began filling up! And my camera's shutter stopped working and I had to switch to my phone.
Just in time for DJ Croatia Squad (CH).
Dance floor became more populated.
Many of his songs would begin as something Top 40 you'd hear out at The Groove in CityWalk but then ultimately turn Deep House.
Croatia Squad is from Zurich, Switzerland, not Croatia. And he's hardly a squad!
But he sure gets around. He plays tonight at Hudson Terrace in NYC and next weekend at Love Sessions in Rio de Janeiro! Last month he played at Privilege in Ibiza.
Wasn't quite what I expected but a good time was had by all.

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