Sunday, September 18, 2016

Club Reports: STK, Aero Bar, Gilt Nightclub

Began my Saturday night at STK in Disney Springs.
DJ Rincon in the booth delivering 70's & 80's hits.
Great steaks here but also a great bar atmosphere!
No one was dancing but with DJ music until midnight, the place has so much potential!
DJ Rincon is also the Wednesday night DJ at The Groove in CityWalk.
Spotted after 3 years in exile Wisconsin, Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy with Marco.
Need some EDM, no better place than Aero Bar!
More DJ's than you can shake a stick at! DJ Smilin' Dan, DJ Parry (looking fine in his new Zone Records shirt) and Aero resident DJ's Cliff T & Robin.
The outdoor dance floor was just starting to fill up.
Now on to the main event at Gilt Nightclub!
DJ Dustin Hulton in the booth when I arrived.
Dance floor was seeing limited action at this point.
DJ Icey (USA) taking over right at midnight!
And as soon as Icey came on, people came out of the woodwork to populate the dance floor!
Breaks for the masses!
Icey draws a crowd where ever he is playing!
By the way, as reported in yesterday's article, my camera broke Friday night so I was using a new camera last night.  But it's being returned today! Lazy shutter had the right lower corner snipped off way too often and the flash was totally inadequate! So sorry for the photo quality today.
Icey was looking fine in his new Zone Records shirt.
Spotted on stage: Tampa's DJ Ark
Spotted on the dance floor: Jen & Ira Mazor, the first family of Breaks!  Ira was looking fine in his new Zone Records shirt.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jenna & Leah
Spotted in VIP: CJ, Jesse & Devon
Spotted on the dance floor: Brooke & Shelly
Spotted on the dance floor: Mauricio
Spotted stage left: MC Phil
Spotted stage right: illDJ Chris B (USA)
All corners occupied!
Lots of dancing but overall it was kind of a subdued crowd last night; not a lot of hooting and hollering that we typically see at an Icey concert.

 Some Funky Breaks too from the guy that invented the genre!
At 1:15AM, MC Phil announcing the takeover by DJ Scott Kirkland (USA).
He's part of long-standing DJ duo The Crystal Method!
The Breaks continued!
Spotted in the Gilt's Green Room: DJ Icey visiting with Jayne
Also spotted: Leah with Jenna

 Spotted: DJ's Burufunk & Ryan Berretta
Crystal Method's most famous song is arguably Mannequins classic "Busy Child".
A good time was had by all!

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