Saturday, August 6, 2016

Zika In Miami

As you've probably seen on the news, intense efforts are underway in Miami to combat mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus following the first confirmed cases of transmission. The battle is concentrated on the so called Wynwood area of the city which is marked on the map above.  CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE
So you may be wondering, where do the city's famed nightclubs fit into this?  Please understand that the so-called Zika zone is located east of I-95 and west of Biscayne Blvd / US1. If you're familiar with downtown Miami, you know that SR836 Dolphin / I-395 runs east-west from the airport across the north end of downtown out to Miami Beach.  That highway is not in the Zika zone and is well to the south of it and many of the famed clubs are just to the south of that highway. 
The Zika zone's southern border is at NW 20th St / NE 20th St.  Club Space Miami, Heart Nightclub The Hangar and E11even are all on NE 11th St, another 9 blocks south. For other clubs in Miami, compare their addresses to the map.  We've also read that the type of mosquito carrying Zika is a daytime insect, not a nighttime one.     
Ultimately, your safety is a personal decision but we wanted to provide you some framework.

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