Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Remembering DJ Big Makk

We wanted to take a time out from our normal articles this morning to post one about Orlando DJ Big Makk (USA).  Samisoni Koroitamudu dba Big Makk was killed yesterday morning in a car crash in Casselberry in which the vehicle's driver and back seat passenger also perished.  
 Orlando Sentinel story here.
The Blog first encountered Big Makk in December, 2011 at HTG/Jeff Kenney's Houp-La event in which 20 DJ's including Big Makk were given fifteen minute sets to wow the crowd at Tabu Nightclub.
I didn't run into him again until I spotted him at DJ Heavygrinder's concert at Syn Nightclub in June, 2013.
By then he was a weekly resident DJ at Syn Nightclub along with DJ Meaux Green.
I then spotted him again two years ago in August, 2014 at the Independence Music Festival in Orlando.
While I did not often personally see him play, I did often saw his name listed on event flyers. He was everywhere and his career was on the rise!
But the biggest event flyer of his young life was this one issued just this past Thursday. Wow! He had made the big time!  Big Makk was announced to be one of the DJ's at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando! In response to the announcement, Big Makk said this on his Facebook page: 
"Y'all don't understand what this means to me! Finally playing EDC Orlando this year!" 


Anonymous said...

Sad news to hear, especially with the biggest show he would ever play coming this fall! My he R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting.