Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DS Update: Too Many Tables, Too Few Mouths

Restaurants have been busy at Disney Springs this summer and restaurants will be busy again over Christmas. But what happens next month when high season ends and there are all these new restaurant tables that weren't there a year or so ago?
Like Frontera Cocina.
Like The Boathouse.
Like Morimoto Asia.
Like D-Luxe Burger.
Like Homecoming Florida Kitchen.
Like STK.
Or all the preexisting tables and chairs at places like Raglan Road.
Or greatly expanded restaurants like Paradiso 37.
And stale restaurant concepts like Bongo's Cuban Cafe.
And Wolfgang Puck.
And Crossroads at House of Blues.
And the soon to now open Blaze Pizza.
And soon to open Paddlefish.
And soon to open Planet Hollywood Observatory.
And soon to open Polite Pig.
And whatever The Edison Orlando is going to be. And let's not forget Rainforest Cafe and T-REX Cafe.
And whatever Walt's is going to be. You see, it's great that we have sooo many choices but right after Labor Day they're going to have way too many tables and too few mouths to feed. There is already anecdotal evidence of the impending glut; Island sources tell the Blog that STK has apparently closed their upstairs for lack of patrons. It's only going to get worse at the Springs come September when tourism drops-off. What were they thinking?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard STK closed their upstairs also

Troy said...

I went a few weeks ago a little after lunch and the upstairs portion of the restaurant was the only part open; the much-nicer downstairs area was closed.

It'll be interesting to see how Disney responds to this. I know there are some strong rumors that both Bongo's and Wolfgang Puck will be closing in the near future, but that's only a short-term solution anyway.

Disney needs to come up with something other than more shopping experiences to lure people down here.

I seem to recall a night life idea they had this one time...

Jeff - Seattle said...

Same could be said for all of those retail stores as well. Seems your question has been the one all along, what were they thinking???

R Flowers said...

Disney don't care how those places are doing with those long term leases they get paid with no worries and those people bail on them they some great new property to lease out again hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh it's coming.. most of those retail places already are offering "Discounts" and I suspect we will see a lot of the "Magic Dining Month" signs appear soon for the eaters as well..

Unknown said...

Should have kept Mannequins.