Sunday, August 14, 2016

Concert Report: Jackal & Hyde (Gilt Nightclub)

Saturday night at Gilt Nightclub for the Jackal & Hyde concert!
Came in just after 11PM to hear the tail-end of DJ Geebo's set.
With DJ Shiftee (USA) taking over a few minutes later!
The two-time DMC world DJ champion would amaze with his turntable skills!
The early crowd was beginning to populate the dance floor!
The NY-based DJ was heavy on Trap & Dubstep!
At 12:15AM, Shiftee thanked the crowd and DJ Infinity (USA) took over!
And things got more crowded still again!
As the music shifted over to Old Skool Breaks!
Spotted by the booth: The first family of Breaks, Ira & Jen.
Spotted in VIP: Amanda, Logan, Kevin & Shelley
Spotted on the dance floor: Mark, CJ, Heather & Jess
Spotted in the Green Room: Jen & Devon
Spotted on the dance floor: Corey
Spotted on the dance floor: Cristine & Trish
Spotted in the booth: Official Event Photographer Brian Miller
Spotted in VIP: Anthony & Adriana
Sometimes you can't wait for the opening DJ's to end so that the headliner can come on. That was so not the case last night as everyone playing built on their predecessor and absolutely destroyed the place!
Infinity delivering all now-classic hits from the late 90's & early 00's!
And this was a Breaks kind of crowd!
View down from the Green Room. Bigger crowd than we saw a few weeks ago for Bad Boy Bill & Humpty Vission.
I asked those around me, how in the world are Jackal & Hyde going to top this?
Because this was that good!
But I was assured more than once that they would! And finally at 1:45AM, duo Jackal & Hyde (USA)!
And for the next hour plus they would pump out hardcore Electro Breaks!
The packed room was in a frenzy by this point!
Crowd was a mix of old skool ravers from back in the day and younger peeps too!
Turns out that I need not have been concerned.
 As they took it to the next level!

 What a night!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
A good time was had by all!

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