Saturday, August 20, 2016

Concert Report: DJ D-Unity (Vinyl Arts Bar)

First time ever visit to Vinyl Arts Bar, a newer uptown venue at the corner of Colonial & Magnolia that has taken the town by storm with electronic music DJ events!
Arrived to find DJ Nino Bua on the decks playing Techno!
The club is located in what appears to be an old house and I found the DJ and dancers in the living room!
And the early crowd was already getting into it!
We know Nino from prior Techno nights at Peek Downtown and Kokino!
Spotted coming into the club, DJ D-Unity (CDN) flanked by 100 Club promoter Rick Rodriguez on the left and VAB principle Wilson on the right!
And he would take over the controls shortly after 12:30AM.
He would proceed to blow up the place with music that crossed back and forth between Techno and Progressive House!
And the people were going crazy!
That look of euphoria you get from real Techno!
Spotted on the dance floor: Mrs. Bua
Spotted by the bar: Carlos
Spotted on the dance floor: Aaron
Spotted by the vinyl wall: Miami DJ Rita Margarita from Heart Nightclub with Cristina
Spotted on the dance floor: Claudia
If the dance floor is in the living room, then the bar is in the kitchen!
And the family room is the hookah lounge!
D-Unity is based in Toronto where he has upcoming dates at One Loft and Toika. The Blog recently visited Toronto too for Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond concerts!
Really big crowd for this event!
Lots of cheering going on during the build-ups and crashes!
 100 Club has DJ Spartaque (UA) here on 10/7 & DJ Trent Cantrelle (USA) here on 10/14!
Through the haze of the night, a good time was had by all!


Dr pinna said...

Nice to finally meet you! Great first time at VAB

KingBob said...

Good to meet you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just overheard Wolfgang Puck saying he is opening a New Restaurant at Disney Springs called "Cut".