Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DS Update: Planet Hollywood Observatory

As you know, Planet Hollywood closed right after the first of this year for extensive renovations that would reinvigorate the venue and return it as Planet Hollywood Observatory.
Renovations so far are taking place only inside so it's impossible to view the progress. We can see on the outside that virtually nothing has been done there. We thus don't know if they are on schedule for meeting their original reopen date of late September / early October. But with just a little over two months remaining, meeting that date seems doubtful. We'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the paint wouldn't adhere to the existing blue/star surface. Now looking at alternative options.

KingBob said...

Thanks for the report, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Not shocking at all.. those guys had no clue what they were getting into on that project.