Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Club Report: Le Joinville Disco (St. Pierre, France)

Crossing the border from Canada to France. Say what! Yes, it's possible because France still has a small territory made up of a few islands off the coast of the Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador. Most Canadians haven't even heard of this place. But.....
The tags say France!
The flag says France!
It's part of the European Union!
The cars are French!
The road signs are French!
They use the Euro!
Yes, this is Saint Pierre, part of the collectivite' of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
It's as much a part of France as Alaska & Hawaii are a part of the United States. Celebrating their bicentennial this year, St. Pierre and Miquelon is all that is left of the New France you studied in History class.  France lost Quebec and other parts of Canada to the British and sold the Louisiana Purchase to the Americans. So this is it for the French in North America.
Of course it wouldn't be a Blog entry without a club report. This is the territory's main discotheque, Le Joinville. Complete with DJ's, large dance floor, lasers and other features, the club is open on weekends.

During the week only the bar is open and I was able to get my gin & tonic!
And now-annual Rock concert DuneFest comes to the islands later this month! In France, a good time is had by all!


Greg said...

I live in Newfoundland!

Did you visit our world famous George Street in St. John's?

21 Bars. 195 meters.

KingBob said...

Yes, Greg! Was there last night and Friday's article captures a small part of it.