Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PI Update: Where Are The Neverland Tunnels?

OK, you've wandered all around Disney Springs (either personally or via the internet) and you saw so many things.  But wait, you suddenly remember, "Where are the Neverland Tunnels?"
Well, it's directly below STK.  You see, this bottom floor of the restaurant is actually on the upper level of the Island and there's a hidden basement below it on the Island's lower level. Update: We now know the STK kitchen is directly below the restaurant and that the Neverland Tunnels will be below the adjoining plaza picture here.
Yes, back under there where the castmember snack bar used to exist!
Yes, hidden back behind these closed doors below STK!
Yes, back underneath West End Plaza!
The Blog had been told about what we called "The Tunnels" two years before Orlando Restaurant Guide journalist Scott Joseph published a column last September in which he called the project the Neverland TunnelsLink.
With lots of construction now taking place in the conversion of Adventurers Club over to The Edison Orlando, it's no longer possible to go down there an peek into Neverland.
We published this photo back in December which showed sheetrock and electrical work taking place along the near wall of what would be Neverland Tunnels behind it. From what I could see from the balloon, the project has a long way to go.


Troy said...

I'm glad to see they've left the "old" PI bridge that connects Westside to the island instead of redoing it as well. I know it was a late PI addition, but I was afraid they were going to replace it with something that had a little more of a "Disney Springs" look to it. At least this is still a PI bridge!

Anonymous said...

That's I belive, the 3rd version of that bridge.. replacing it would be the 4th version.

KingBob said...

At least the 2nd version. The current bridge connects where the West End Stage used to stand. The prior bridge that connected the West Side to the upper level of Pleasure Island was further to south.

And at the same time, there was yet another bridge that connected the PI parking lot over to the West Side. That's the bridge that carried pedestrians walking between the West Side and Marketplace a way to bypass Pleasure Island at night when the Island was gated. The unpopularity of that walk led to them opening the Island at night to all and that led to the problems connected with that which was one of the nails in the coffin for the clubs.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure those are doors under STK and not just decorative wood? I ask because it looks like the wood is a few inches off the ground and too high for a threshold. Just wondering. Thanks.