Tuesday, May 31, 2016

PI Update: Best Steak On The Island

As you know, I attended the STK opening party last week but that was all about the ambiance and the drinks. I returned to STK on Pleasure Island this past weekend to try the food! Notice the front patio facing West End Plaza which was open for diners.  STK is located where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
It's not unheard of for casual restaurants to have DJ's playing music but STK is the only upscale restaurant that I know of that makes a point of having a DJ playing during your meal!  It's an awesome experience and I got to experience DJ Freefall (USA) again during my visit.
The bar area, which I had been informed would be full of dining tables, actually had a large cleared out area that could represent a dance floor for those willing!
Oops! Forgot to get a picture of my filet mignon prior to it being consumed! It was melt-in-your-mouth tender and good flavor.
How did it compare to the steak I had a Morimoto Asia when they opened last September?
Or to the steak I had at The Boathouse when they opened last April? For steak quality, the winner is STK. For ambiance, the winner is STK. For overall presentation and flavor, the winner is Morimoto where the steak arrived at my table on a sizzling hot plate and an amazing Morimoto sauce on the side added even more flavor. While all three were good, they were certainly pricey too. As I've said before, you can get a flavorful steak at Texas Roadhouse or Logan's, with a salad, choice of side item and hot yeast rolls, for one-fifth the price! All three of these new venues merit your visit and the menu options go far beyond my choice of beef!

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