Monday, May 9, 2016

DS Update: New Concept Art & Signs

New lighted sign on westbound Buena Vista Drive adjacent the new Lime Garage.
New electronic directory kiosks going up in anticipation of this coming Sunday's opening of Disney Springs Town Center.  This one is in Disney Springs West Side near Cirque.
This new sign on the construction wall adjacent The Edison Orlando let's us know officially for the first time that it's not opening for another year.  At least we now know.
This piece of Edison concept art is still on display but has been posted for at least six months.
This new piece was added last week and shows "The Edison" sign in that middle building where the stairs used to go down to Adventurers Club lower level.  The old AC building to the right has a new brick facade and the sign above the door reads "Power & Light".  At the far left in art deco glory, no signs to give away what it's going to be although we were once told it was Walt's or Walt's Place. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
On the Island at the Lily Pad, this new kiosk is going to be Savannah Bee Company.
Near it but closer to the No. 1 Bridge, Filthy Rich is going into this kiosk.
B.B. Wolf's Sausage Company looks like it will ready to go by next week.
As we previously reported, Fulton's Crab House is under heavy renovations to become Paddlefish.  It should reopen by September.  The concept art posted shows the return of Empress Lily's double smokestacks and aft paddle wheel. The excitement is building; come out and see it all for yourself!  Tomorrow we'll have a look at evening entertainment in Disney Springs.


Anonymous said...

Man, I mIss Scott at the Groove. Awesome remix videos and tracks. Good old days. Now i just stay away. Bring back AJ's group.

KingBob said...

This Blog is all about the "good old days".