Tuesday, February 23, 2016

PI Update: AC Conversion Finally Begins

We're finally starting to see some construction action taking place at Adventurers Club.
After all, it's been 8 months since they began demolishing AC, leaving just the exoskeleton.

In addition to minor additions on the previous skeletal remains, they have also now added to the building.
Nice view of the new section thanks to our exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam.
As you know, the former Adventurers Club building is being converted to The Edison Orlando, a restaurant/lounge/entertainment concept.
We also see some seawall type pilings added beside the structure although we don't know if that's related to the AC plot of land or for the adjoining former BET Soundstage plot.
As we peer inside, you can see that not a whole lot has been done on the former AC side.
Except for this narrow addition along the top.
Looking up from ground level.  We'll keep you updated on progress.  Thursday on the Blog we'll give you a bird's eye view of all the new shopping buildings!

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