Friday, February 26, 2016

DS Update: Springs Fine Dining

Disney Springs is all about shopping.....and dining. By now you're quite familiar with The Boathouse where Motion used to be and Morimoto Asia where Mannequins used to be.  So let's hop around and check out other food venues that will be opening the coming year.  First this SkyCam view of STK upscale steakhouse, nearing completion where Comedy Warehouse used to be.  It's ground level appears to be up here on PI's upper level facing West End Plaza, with a second level including outdoor patio upstairs.
In back, the lower level of the club has an outdoor patio of its own facing the springs.  Below that, a basement level which we believe is not part of STK.
Below STK and facing the lower level of Pleasure Island's south side are some large doors which would seem to be an entryway into Neverland Tunnels beneath West End Plaza.  Or maybe it is a basement part of STK. We're just not sure.
On the opposite side of West End Plaza we can see the north side of Neverland Tunnels.  This doesn't appear to be anything that's opening soon.
Another SkyCam view of same.  Notice within the dirt patch are some footers which have been installed in this area where supposedly Walt's or Walt's Place, another restaurant, is going.
Over in the Town Center, we think that this new building to the east of the No. 2 Bridge is going to be Sprinkles, a cupcake venue.  Will be home to a cupcake ATM open 24/7, although I didn't think there would be overnight access to Disney Springs.  The building is extraordinarily large for a cupcake venue so we have to think there's got to be more going in here! (The brown building at the rear is Pandora.)
Sprinkles ground view.
Unknown venue SkyCam view.  This is located just to the west of the No. 2 Bridge.
Same unknown venue ground view.
Another ground view.
Moving further west along the springs, another unknown venue, SkyCam view.
Same building, ground view.  Because of the Cracker style architecture, we think this is the announced Art Smith's Florida Fish Camp. It does have a chimney though which means it could be Blaze Pizza.  No one is telling.
This completely different looking building adjoins the complex but we don't know if this is part of it or yet another venue.  Perhaps it's the restaurant's gift shop.
This patch of land on the Island has something new coming too.  The SkyCam shows us it's directly below STK facing the springs.  It appears it will block some views of the springs from STK.
Same patch of land, ground view.
Back in the Town Center, this new building seen from our SkyCam is set a bit back from the springs and  is identified on maps as Disney Springs "Welcome Center".  I can't imagine what that is; maybe this will be the place to purchase Disney Springs logo wear.  We've yet to see any clothing (or pins) sporting the Disney Springs name.
Welcome Center, ground view.
Last but not least, Skycam view of the new Coca-Cola venue.  It remains an unknown as to what it will offer but we see what appears to be a rooftop outdoor plaza.
Ground view.
And a ground view of the south side that faces the new bus circle.  Is that turn-of-the-last-century fire escape assembly permanent or just there for the construction workers?  We'll be watching.  And that's the latest from Disney Springs.  Stay tuned to the Blog!


jon81uk said...

I think the Welcome Center could be guest relations & stroller rental etc. It could then mean the closure of the Marketplace Guest Relations

Elizabeth Allen said...

FYI.... Disney Springs logo'd pins and shirts:

KingBob said...

Jon, it does make sense to have such a facility near the new bus loop and new garages and not way over there in Marketplace.

Elizabeth, fascinating. Thank you. I couldn't figure out how to actually order something though.