Thursday, February 11, 2016

DS Update: Cold Impacts Nightly Entertainment

It was a cold night last night in Disney Springs, but let's cross the No. 5 Bridge anyway to check out the fun!
First stop was the Waterview Stage on Pleasure Island!
Nicholas Marks was performing with his gypsy guitar.
I commented to him that he was one of the original entertainers on the Island in the post-club era and he kind of shocked me when he said he's on his 6th contract which means 6 years.  While we all well know that the clubs closed over seven years ago, his statement really brought things into perspective!
With temps in the upper 40's, the crowd was a bit spartan.
I think this was Nova Era performing Classical at the Lily Pad Stage in front of the soon-to-close Fulton's Crab House.
The group along with their alter-ego Nova Pop, have also been performing on the Island for 6 years.
Over at the Waterside Stage in Marketplace, DJ Robbie G was trying to lead the Kid's Dance Party.
But there were fewer people here than anywhere else last night!
Too cold though and I think they ended all the entertainment at 8PM.
Over on the West Side, Evan Taylor Jones was singing Top 40 Classics near Starbucks at the Highline Stage.
But the best find of the night was DJ Freefall (USA) at Exposition Park (formerly Food Truck Park)!  Of course we know Freefall from downtown clubs as well as EPCOT: Japan this past NYE!
He was playing EDM during my visit and the kids and teens who were not at the Kid's Dance Party in the Marketplace were over here!
Tune into the Blog this Friday when we cover a different kind of entertainment that came on after DJ Freefall's set finished.  It was a lot of fun!
Despite the cold, a good time was had by all!


Ken said...

Dominic Gaudious and his digereedoo started entertaining regularly on the West Side around June 2008.

Anonymous said...

Former food truck park? Did I miss something? Did they get rid of the food trucks already?!?

KingBob said...

No, the original name was going to be Food Truck Park. Before it opened, they named it Exposition Park. They still have the food trucks there.