Sunday, February 21, 2016

Concert Report: Alison Wonderland (Venue 578)

Arrived at Venue 578 around midnight.
Walked in to find this mass of humanity!
Never did hear who the opening DJ was playing non-vocal House music.
But this was no House crowd!
Spotted in VIP: Blog-favorite CJ.  She was one of just three people all night that I recognized!
The masses waited patiently as the opening DJ finished his set.
Walking out in a hooded cape, DJ Alison Wonderland (AUS)!
And the crowd went wild!
She asked how many had seen her play at Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando and the place erupted in cheers.  That night last November was the first time I had ever seen her too.
Venue 578 (formerly Firestone Live) has the best lighting in Orlando!
Delivering what the crowd wanted: Trap!
Packed to the rafters!
The event had completely sold out earlier in the week.  If you didn't have a ticket by then, you weren't going!
Coming up front to say hello!
The Australian DJ is based in Sydney.
The early part of her show was very Bass-heavy while the second half was more Hip-Hoppy Trap.
Club so crowded, they were dancing in the bathroom foyer!
If you missed it or just want to see her again, there are still some tickets available for her show at Amphitheatre in Tampa tonight.
Alison has stated in interviews that she likes to wear oversize t-shirts to concerts to downplay that she's a female DJ.  Well, there's no mistaking that she's a female DJ.
Getting into "Games"!
A good time was had by all!

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