Saturday, December 5, 2015

PI Update: One Year After

Pleasure Island in September, 2009, one year after the Island's demise.
The Characters In Flight tethered balloon was flying high and the list price on a ride was only $16!
With nearly everything on the Island closed, pedestrians traveling between the West Side and Marketplace traversed what had become an unanticipated and eerily dead expanse. Disney's solution was Celebrate Tonight, the nightly family party at West End Celebration Plaza. (Pictured here leading the festivities, BET Soundstage DJ G-Clef.)
Participation earned you a button!
The shuttered PI Live booth was also resurrected, broadcasting music to other sections of the IslandFuego by Sosa Cigars was open.
No longer operating, Adventurers Club remained lit up at night in all its glory.  Everyone thought for sure that Disney would come to their senses and reopen the place.
Over the bridge on the West Side, Virgin Megastore had closed after PI closed, creating yet another large gap.  It was quickly leased to the Princess Diana Museum.
Ahh, but House of Blues was rocking on Sunday nights!
And you could never go wrong with Go Go girls!
And the Mannequins elevator ("Lift" for our UK readers) would remain parked on the 2nd floor, it turns out never to return again!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how long it has been, it's still sad and depressing. Damn Mouse!

Anonymous said...

The Island will never be forgotten, the best place to go out on the planet....