Tuesday, December 22, 2015

PI Update: Latest Progress At Adventurers Club

Not a lot of visible progress has been made since our recent visits to the Adventurers Club as it is converted into The Edison - Orlando.
Some of the metal studs that were here in front of those stairs in November have been removed. Compare here.
The man with the torch was cutting out metal last time (here) and that is all now gone.
At Pleasure Island's ground level, the lower level of AC, a lot of the dirt and debris that had accumulated down here these past 7+ years has been removed.
Looking back on what we believe will be the future Neverland Tunnels speakeasy.
Difficult to see what's back there but it's a long way from finished. Nonetheless, everything supposedly will open in 2016.
Former site of BET Soundstage remains vacant.  Supposedly Walt's or Walt's Place is going here.

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