Monday, December 21, 2015

PI Update: Christmas On The Island

The two week holiday crush has arrived on Pleasure Island!  Club Motion gave its life so that this cut-through could be constructed.
The Ganachery chocolate shop opened last week.  Located where the front upstairs third of 8TRAX used to stand, the shop had a line waiting patiently yesterday for their turn.  Nothing like the lines that used to wait outside for 8TRAX, but that's another story.
Morimoto Street Food has opened in time for the holidays, operating evenings from 5PM to 11PM.
Their menu. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE) I don't know about you, but to me it seems kind of underwhelming for a street food place.
Morimoto's kitchen extends back behind the restaurant into this area where Mannequins backstage business office used to exist. And those metal exterior stairs.
Looking more and more like a fortress castle, STK construction continues.
Another vantage point.
On the Island's ground level, former home of the gazebo behind 8TRAX as well as the Comedy Warehouse show exit doors.
Will be interesting to see what develops with that ground level below STK.  We know that second level, which is the ground level on the opposite side facing West End Plaza, and the levels above that, all are part of STK. But the ground level presumably belongs to Neverland Tunnels. Or will it also be part of STK?
From the Island's second level, the front elevation of STK as seen from West End Plaza.
Inside Mannequins Morimoto, the area to the left of the glass is where the DJ booth used to be.  DJ Peapod, take me away!
The circular back staircase at 8TRAX is still there.
Off the Island in Disney Springs West Side, you can get your Toms Shoes personalized at Curl by Sammy Duval.
High Line sections are decorated in the Christmas spirit.
In time for the film, D-Street has been renamed Star Wars Galactic Outpost.  Makes sense, but you'll have to go elsewhere for your Vinylmation.
When day turns into night, the Island tree will be lit up pretty. Come on out and experience the holiday season on Pleasure Island.  The evening entertainment will have you forgetting that there were ever dance and comedy clubs out here!


Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to forget... but were did that 3rd floor go.......

KingBob said...

Mannequins 3rd Floor?