Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Breaking News: Neverland Tunnels Layout?

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE  Blog reader Dan B shared with Save Pleasure Island Blog some plans filed yesterday by Patina Restaurant Group with the South Florida Water Management District pertaining to the parcels where BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club used to be located. As you know, previously published information indicates that the BET site will become a Walt's or Walt's Place restaurant while the AC site will become The Edison - Orlando.  The importance of the plans, which he published in more detail on the WDWMagic website here, shows that indeed something is coming to those parcels and the plans are far enough along to seek waterflow approval from the SFWMD.  But what jumped out at me in the plans is not that some roof water will flow into Village Lake, but what appear to be secrets from the Neverland Tunnels project. Being constructed adjacent to the lower levels of Walt's & The Edison and directly beneath West End Plaza, the plans portray a multi-room facility (see purple area and white area adjacent it) and one large room which could also be on the lowest level under STK.  Interesting stuff!  Big thanks to Dan for this information!   

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