Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DS Update: What About Them Springs?

It's been awhile since we took a look at the springs of Disney Springs so here is your Springs update.  As you know, until Disney releases official names for the three sets of spring areas, the Blog has named them Eastern Springs, Central Springs and Western Springs.  This is a current look at Central Springs directly behind Mannequins/Morimoto.
Bar / Restaurant going up in the Town Center across from this area.
No 2 Bridge from the Mannequins/Morimoto area over to Town Center.
Front elevation view over the No.2 Bridge to the cupcake store.
View over Central Springs to the cupcake store.
The western-most section of Central Springs.
Apparently docks on both sides will stick out into the springs.
One of the docks.
Outdoor patios at STK and Planet Hollywood Observatory will overlook Western Springs.
The new No. 3 Bridge crosses in that area.
Going back the other way towards T-REX Cafe, the transition area towards Eastern Springs.
Lots of foliage brought-in blocks water views where they don't want you viewing.  Come on out and see this all for yourself! 

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