Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DS Update: One Long Shopping Street

By now you recognize this structure as the "mall" section of Disney Springs Town Center.  Like a traditional mall, there is a center aisle indoors with shops on both sides of the corridor.
We now know that Lily Pulitzer, Tommy Bahama and Ugg Australia will have stores in the mall.
Last December we published these exclusive pieces of concept art provided to us.  If you pass through that indoor mall section, you come out to what is essentially a pedestrian thoroughfare.  It's like a downtown main street in a large city, sans vehicles, with shops on both sides.
This is the current status of the backside to those shops on that thoroughfare.
While there will be a few shops and certainly food options not along this thoroughfare, by far the majority of shops will be concentrated along this long passageway.
One of the main intersections within Disney Springs Town Center.
The concept art did not show this onion-domed structure.
Sky view of the same intersection.  Construction continues.

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