Tuesday, August 25, 2015

PI Update: Springs Gain A Tributary

Save Pleasure Island Blog's exclusive SkyCam allows us to take you behind the scenes and see the latest updates on the springs of Disney SpringsVillage Lake water flows under the No. 5 Bridge from the West Side in the foreground up to the new No. 4 Bridge.  And that is where the Springs begin!
As you know, until Disney announces official names for the springs, the Blog has given them directional names. Western Springs begin just beyond that bridge adjacent Planet Hollywood.
The path of the springs generally follows the path of the former Waterfront that surrounded Pleasure Island.  Here is a good view of the bend near Western Springs as it flows towards Central Springs.  It also gives us a great view of the new indoor shopping mall section of Town Center.
The new No. 3 Bridge crosses the springs in this area further east. That's STK steakhouse in the foreground where an outdoor balcony will overlook the water.
You can see the great detail Disney has designed into Central Springs here adjacent the new No. 2 Bridge.  This bridge is just slightly east of where the old Mannequins bridge used to cross.
Another view of the Central Springs area.
But here's exclusive news! While the springs generally follow the pathway of the former Waterfront, it apparently has a tributary that juts into the Town Center itself!
Close-up view of the tributary.
The tributary appears to end behind that restaurant building but standing rainwater continues beyond it so maybe it will actually continue further too; we're not sure.
Looking east towards Eastern Springs.
And a view of Eastern Springs looking back towards the west.
The springs then end here at the No. 1 Bridge from Marketplace where lake water then continues out into Village Lake.  These are exciting days on Pleasure Island! Come out and see it for yourself!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Nice eye-in-the-sky views!

Anonymous said...

You don't think having multiple pathways, unlike the linear walkway through West Side and the newly-formed loop through the Marketplace, is going to hurt the shops and restaurants of The Landing? It looks like at least three major pathways between Marketplace and West Side: one closest to the Lime Garage with an indoor section, one outdoor along the Springs, and the open pathway now. And pathways/bridges between these routes.

Isn't that going to hurt all these upscale dining options? I mean, who wouldn't want to walk through the enclosed section when it's hot or rainy out?

Anonymous said...

I agree with what anon is saying, the odd multiple pathway's going on here I'm not sure if that's a great idea. I get that they want folks to wonder, and feel like there are new areas to discover.. but I believe that what will happen is one of these "Paths" is going to be DOA after about 4 months.

If you look at Downtown Disney in CA, there is a few "dead" areas there as a result of the off-shoot pathways.

The only thing, is.. consider if this is already advanced planning for a later stage of construction. IE, if planet Hollywood or some major "older" part were to be removed.. any of these "pathways" make sense then?

KingBob said...

No doubt people traveling from the West Side to Marketplace are going to travel there via the various walkways since there will be options. Some will still travel via Pleasure Island. But not 100% as is the case now.