Thursday, August 27, 2015

Concert Report - Nora En Pure (Studio Paris Chicago)

You'd never know there was a club upstairs behind this doorway at 61 West Hubbard in Chicago were it not for the long line of people outside waiting to get in.  But this is home to Studio Paris in the city's River North club district!
Nice surprise arriving to find out that the opening DJ was Kalendr (USA).  Had not seen him play since the one-and-done EDC-Chicago in 2013.
Arrived around 11PM and the dance floor was already bouncing to the House music!
Kalendr departing and the headliner taking over relatively early at midnight.
Starting her set and smiling for the Blog, DJ Nora En Pure (CH).
The already-full dance floor got even more full!
The music was all House with some occasional commercial House hits!
The peeps were grooving!
Nora played Orlando last December but it was a school night and I couldn't go.
She was scheduled to play outdoors at Aero Bar last December but it was one of those three winter nights we had last year and they had to move the show into The Social.
Studio Paris is really just two large rooms, one with the DJ booth, dance floor and VIP booths and the other further back with the bar.  Only two bartenders on duty kept the waits for drinks rather long. I saw a few people walk away after giving-up.
Other than that, great vibe in here and no slobs allowed!  I'd estimate that 75% of the women were wearing dresses, something you'd never see in Orlando!
Around 1:15AM Nora began to go Deep!  Deep House, that is.
Originally from South Africa, Nora En Pure is based in Zurich.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said!
At Studio Paris last night, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Always loved her tracks but didn't know she was that hot. damn...

KingBob said...

Yeah, really nice looking and nice too! You could tell that she was really enjoying what she was doing.

Belle said...

Why do you think it is that Orlando is dressed in more relaxed fashion? Wearing the same thing I feel under dressed in Toronto and over dressed in Orlando....

KingBob said...

Belle, Orlando (and all of Florida) is dressed more relaxed than up north because it is generally warm here year-round which is conducive to showing skin. Also, Florida is touristy and tourists don't dress-up. When you live here, you're on vacation even when you're working!