Saturday, August 1, 2015

Concert Report: Gabriel & Dresden (Opera Atlanta)

Opera Nightclub in Atlanta is the Friday night home to big name DJ concerts!
Flew up to check out DJ duo Gabriel & Dresden (USA)!
Last saw them in 2011 at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando during a thunderstorm-shortened set.
Opera was packed!
But plenty of room to dance in this spacious venue!
I had arrived around 11:30PM not realizing there was no opening act.
And Gabriel & Dresden were already playing!
Their set ran from 10PM to 2:30AM nonstop!
Music was mostly Vocal Trance!
Most of their set was their own music!  They've got the years to be able to do that!
Crowd getting in to 2006 #1 hit "Tracking Treasure Down".
Club packed to the rafters!
Spotted on the dance floor: Kelly & Caleb from Louisville
Spotted offstage: Cute as a button (guy version)
Spotted onstage: Cute as a button (gal version)
Gabriel & Dresden got back together again in 2011 after a number of years performing separately.
Both DJ's were quite animated all night and you could tell they were really getting into their show!
Close to the end of the night, absolutely blowing-out the club with the long version of their hit "As The Rush Comes" which they put out in 2003 under the name "Motorcycle"!
Amazing night in Atlanta!
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Opera in Atlanta has an interesting history. The building has been around since the early 1900s. Around 1990, it was turned into a nightclubs: Petrus/Axys, Eleven 50, etc..

KingBob said...

Good to know, thanks. The building did look like it was a former theater inside. Now surrounded by high rise condos and hotels, I bet at one time it was a rather eclectic neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

When that club was Petrus, it was insane.