Saturday, August 8, 2015

Club Reports: Side Bar, Eve Nightclub, Club 23

Friday night in Orlando and checking out a couple new additions to the roster beginning with Side Bar located where Vixen Bar used to be.
DJ SFP in the booth which instead of being located up front adjacent the dance floor is now located aft near the bathrooms.
The venue has been refurbished and modernized but the music was mostly Hip Hop. With the DJ nowhere near this upfront dance floor, he has no idea whether people are responding to the music or not.
Cool mural up front has portions of numerous Orlando icons on it; I see Disney, UCF, Hard Rock, SunRail and Magic in there among others!
Next stop upstairs for the grand opening party of Eve Nightclub, the new name for Vanity.  Thankfully they didn't mess with this place!  There's the new floor mat down there and new napkins but other than some additional lighting on the dance floor, it's pretty much the same.
Which is great because the place wasn't broken!  DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) in the booth!
Taking turns with DJ Jay Mac (USA).
Always nice scenery in here!
The music commercial House / Dance!
And that great music keeps the dance floor populated!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Or trapeze artists?
Another upstairs venue around the corner; Club 23.
Great surprise finding MC Collaborator in the booth along with DJ Circle K (both USA)!
Dancers were already in a frenzy upon my arrival!
The music, Drum & Bass.
Spotted in VIP: Headlining DJ Lenzman (GB) with Trish
Spotted in VIP: Star & Stacey
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Beni Hill with Eastside Angie
Lenzman taking over the controls about 12:50AM.
D&B is high-paced Breakbeats on steroids!
And Lenzman delivered them fast & furious!
He continued on with what Circle K & Collaborator had built earlier!
I don't know how the dance crowd could keep up the pace.  But they did!
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan on what was done to Vixen aka SideBar. The mural is nice looking, I wonder if they got the okay from the various companies to post they logs on the wall. You know how companies are with copyrights and displaying there logs without permission.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they're using SL2 Serato box when they working CDJ2000Nexus and 900SRT. Just use Serato Dj in HID mode??

Anonymous said...

No record players?

KingBob said...

Record players are long gone unless there is a special vinyl night taking place.