Thursday, July 30, 2015

PI Update: What About The Tunnels?

Hill Street on Pleasure Island began here at the Hub adjacent Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.  Climbing uphill, it would take you past 8TRAX and the Missing Link Sausage Company towards Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse and BET Soundstage.  But would it also did is take you from the Island's ground level onto the Island's upper level.
With BET Soundstage now razed, one can see the hidden lower level which used to contain PI offices as well as a cast member break area / snack bar.  This supposedly will also be home to The Tunnels.
As you can see, this lower area has been gutted too and we expect anything built here to be done in conjunction with plans for The EdisonDisney has not released any information about The Tunnels or even acknowledged it; we only know about it because mention of it appeared on a LinkedIn page of an Edison Orlando exec.  We're hoping it will be some sort of nightlife area where adults can enjoy themselves down below while the strollers pass by above!


Kim N said...

How are the Marketplace/Buena Vista overpass walkways looking? Thanks for all the great pictures!

KingBob said...

They're coming along fine, Kim N. I've taken pictures the last couple times I've been out there but the overpasses have never been important enough to get included in an article. I'll try to post some fresh ones in the coming week.