Thursday, July 23, 2015

PI Update: STK & Stuff

As this sign shows, it's still beautiful Pleasure Island!  So what are you waiting for?
Arrive a stranger, leave a little Adventurers Club!
It ain't what it used to be though.
Show quality has definitely deteriorated.
Of course it's a shell of it's former self.  And that shell will become The Edison Orlando.
Not too much Motown being played these days at BET Soundstage.
The crowds have disappeared along with the club!
Hangar Bar is replacing Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.
People are looking forward to this Indiana Jones-themed bar.
The full name is currently only visible from the water side of the building.
With lights now on, most of the work is now taking place inside.
Work continues at STK Orlando, the upscale NYC-based steak house.
Like Comedy Warehouse which was located in this spot previously, the venue will be located on both the lower and upper levels of Pleasure Island plus feature an additional story above that!
We've been told that there will be a nightclub type atmosphere later at night featuring DJ's, just like their NYC and Chicago locations!
Beyond STK, looking down onto the Island's lower level.
STK in the distance.
So come on out to beautiful Pleasure Island, where a good time will be had by all!

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Jeff - Gainesville said...

I love the fact that my home state of Virgina is represented high on the visitor count list....