Monday, July 13, 2015

PI Update: Springs Go Deep

OMG, it's been hot out there this past week yet some of last winter's snow stubbornly hangs-on at the higher elevations of T-REX Cafe!
Fast-growing bamboo has been brought in to hide the T-REX Cafe building from the springs.
Nice overview shot of the meandering springs project.  Until Disney releases official names for the springs, the Blog is referring to them with directional names.
Adjacent the No. 1 Bridge from Marketplace, the Eastern Springs with scenic overlooks.
Eastern Springs view looking west towards Raglan Road.
Looking back from Raglan Road.  Some of the springs areas have been dug very deep!
The new No. 2 Bridge is under construction and is close to where the former Mannequins bridge used to cross.  As you can see, a deep section of Central Springs will be adjacent the bridge.
Another view across to the Town Center construction area.  Notice how the spring water passes under the patio area of whatever that is being built there.
With the balloon grounded again, couldn't get a view of Western Springs.
Western Springs end on the opposite side of that new No. 4 Bridge seen here. On this side of the bridge, Village Lake water.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Looks like the springs are going to be sophisticated!

FN said...

Yeah, I had similar thoughts... Deep water - could that be an indication of fountains or other effects which need depth? Or due to water clarity, perhaps the depth is just needed to make the bottom look more realistic? Or to provide a nice place for fish to hangout or hide? Or for any trash and leaves to collect and be sucked up into the sophisticated Disney waste disposal system? Or???

At least we get to see this stuff develop, unlike Disney's Avatar project which is so far a surprisingly quiet "unknown."

KingBob said...

We previously posted a picture of someone "painting" the edge of the springs so I think the springs-look will come from a combination of paint, water and depth.