Monday, July 20, 2015

PI Update: Spring Detail

With no need to use the restrooms, let's instead head over to Pleasure Island!
Until Disney releases official names for the springs, the Blog is using directional names for them.  This is a look at Eastern Springs near T-REX Cafe & Fulton's Crabhouse.
The springs begin here at the No. 1 Bridge from Downtown Disney Marketplace.  A concrete berm under the bridge separates Village Lake water from the water that will be used in the springs.
Trees have been installed to mask T-REX Cafe.  There is also fast-growing bamboo but it doesn't appear that they've been planted yet.
The meandering waterway heads past Raglan Road to the Central Springs area.
The entire waterway will not have springs.  These low-depth sections will presumably just have water but not the bubbles.
You can see the various depths that will be located here at Central Springs.
The springs of Central Springs will be on both sides of the new No. 2 Bridge under construction here.
One can see the excellent detail that that Disney is adding to the product.

And it's here at the new No. 4 Bridge that Village Lake water completes the distance back to the lake itself.

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