Tuesday, July 7, 2015

PI Update: Mannequins To Morimoto

Previously released Disney Springs concept art shows the view of Morimoto Asia Restaurant as one approaches over the new No. 2 Bridge across the springs.  Upon crossing, a cobblestone pathway beckons guests to proceed to the entrance which apparently will be at 8TRAX.
This past weekend, the cobblestones were already being installed as the new restaurant begins to look quite a bit like the building displayed in the art.
The Mannequins entrance doors have been removed.  The elevator might still be in there.  Are those two sushi walk-up windows?
Is that a telegraph pole being installed?  More railroad theme?
Close up. Morimoto is supposed to open in September.
The poles that supported the vertical Mannequins sign are still there, soon to support a Morimoto sign.  It's sad, that's for sure. But we know a venue this size is going to have to offer adult musical entertainment after 10PM if it's going to survive.  With that, there is hope it will be something that draws crowds.  A revolving dance floor would be cool.


Anonymous said...

one problem with revolving dance floor theory. it was said the floor was covered up.
so how could it have a revolving dance floor? just sayin

Anonymous said...

uncover it at nite?

Anonymous said...

Lol..like your thinking..but, not happening

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:47PM, I was speaking in jest.
Anon at 9:23PM, I've been told the revolving floor is still in there but they built over it. Would be great if they could uncover it late at night.
Anon at 3:13PM, unfortunately not.