Monday, July 27, 2015

PI Update: Island From The Air

Returning once again to beautiful Pleasure Island to give you the latest pics!

And using our exclusive SkyCam, we see the shell of Adventurers Club standing.
In case you missed the news, this shell will become the framework for The Edison Orlando, a combination restaurant with nightclub aspects.
Across West End Plaza, the all new shell of STK Steakhouse.
Other STK locations offer DJ nightlife and we're told this one will too.
This is located roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
In our opening photo above, you can see Paradiso 37 as it used to look.  This is what it looks like now with it's expansion still in progress.
The expansion will give diners some waterview options plus much-needed capacity to compete with the other new restaurants on the Island.  The additions are not exactly pretty but we believe, purposefully so.
8TRAX is still there.  I can hear "Funkytown" playing right now.  This will apparently be the entrance into Morimoto Asia restaurant in Mannequins. If you click on the photo and expand it a couple times, you can see the small Asian-inspired sign on the roof near the front.
And then there's Mannequins!
Musical moving construction walls now have reopened the way in front of the venue.
And we can see some of that new brickwork we showed you last week at the base of the former bridge from the Pleasure Island parking lot.
We get a nice side view now.  The Blog has often stated that this building was ill-suited for anything but the dance club that it was. So it will be interesting to see how this restaurant makes a go of its massive space.
Looking back towards the Hub.
This area adjacent Raglan Road is now blocked.
The Boathouse is located where club Motion used to stand.
For those with money to burn, there are the Amphicar rides.
Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar should be opening relatively soon.
Workers were toiling in the hot Florida sun this weekend.
More decoration added.  This is on the west side facing the new Water Taxi dock.
On the east side, this target is in the entryway between the interior and Reggie the outside boat bar.
Lastly, we take a look at the Fulton's Crab House which supposedly is closing in January to be reconfigured into a new restaurant concept.  With The Boathouse, no reason to have two primarily seafood restaurants next to each other. (Tomorrow on the Blog we take to the air again and look at the massive scale of Disney Springs new Town Center.)

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