Friday, July 3, 2015

PI Update: Is AC Coming Down Or Isn't It?

This is the concept art that is posted on the Island showing Adventurers Club turned into The Edison.  Does that not look like the old AC building renovated?
There's no doubt the interior has been gutted.  But are they tearing it down completely or is the exterior framework structure going to remain?
In our June 24th article we asked, Is AC Coming Down?  In our June 28th article we simply stated, AC Demolition Continues.
But now we're not sure one way or the other.
With the sides and roof structure still in place after more than a week of "demolition", it looks more likely that the superstructure of Adventurers Club will live on to be part of The Edison.


Anonymous said...

The outside steel is being reused... but no trace of what it once was on the inside is going to remain.

(Which, sadly I believe was a mistake... As a few simple tweaks to the existing Ad Club, combining it with a full kitchen and dinner show would have made it the next "hoop de doo" review, sold out nightly 100% night after night with dinner plans.. were the $$ money is..)

But, who am I know to know better.

KingBob said...

Yeah, I think they could have done some type of interactive dinner show with a cover charge and made it work. Ultimately the cost of talent was probably too high.

J2thego said...

I think if they keep part of the original structure it can be called a "renovation" vs "new construction" and I think saves on extra fees and approvals and taxes etc. Also, the insulation and wiring and stucco and roof probably all needs to be replaced and upgraded by now so may as well take it all out at once. There are many structures in Celebration, FL with similar construction that have had their entire facades removed and basically rebuilt on the outside because roofs, windows, and stucco leaking and costing more to repair than it cost to build originally.