Thursday, July 2, 2015

DTD Update: Garage Updates

I know many of you car park fans won't be able to enjoy your holiday weekend without an update from the East Garage. Here's the latest look from earlier today taken from our Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam.
Another look at the mostly-open West Garage.
Overpass and new entry construction at Buena Vista Drive.
Of course you know that a new ramp being built in the woods will lead drivers directly into the West Garage.
It will only be accessible for drivers headed westbound on I-4 who use the on-ramp to northbound SR536 / Epcot Center Blvd where this new ramp will give them the option to head directly to Disney Springs. This should take a lot of traffic off SR535, Hotel Plaza Blvd & Buena Vista Drive.  It will do nothing for traffic leaving Disney Springs though.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Once you've spent the $$$, why should they care about the leaving part?

KingBob said...