Friday, July 31, 2015

Concert Report: DJ Snake (Venue 578)

Going in to Venue 578 last night I realized that I hadn't been here in awhile.  Nothing against the place, just hadn't been any DJ shows that interested me.
12:30AM passed and no sign of the headliner.
Arriving fashionably late and finally going on at 1AM, DJ Snake (F).
He never removed his signature sunglasses.
Known for mixing Hip Hop with EDM, that's exactly what he did.
Club was packed!
I expected a somewhat older crowd but that was not to be.
Dancing wherever you could!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).  I'm used to being in a club and knowing twenty people or so.  Last night he was the only person I knew in the place!
Playing part of current Dance hit "Lean On" with Major Lazer ft. MØ.
Really too much Hip Hop overall for my tastes.
The gathered crowd disagreed!
 They brought in extra AC last night so the club was nice and comfy despite the crowd!
Upcoming shows at Venue 578 include Zed's Dead (CDN) on August 6th, DJ Caskey (CDN) on August 14th and Duke Dumont (GB) on October 28th!
I couldn't stay for the whole show so I missed his megahit "Turn Down For What ft. Lil Jon" if he played it.
Nonetheless, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

did he play any moombahton?

KingBob said...

Not that I recognized. And I would call a lot that he played Hip Hop, not Trap, although it's a fine line.