Thursday, May 28, 2015

PI Update: STK And Potatoes.......And Tunnels

Originally we thought that the old-fashioned railroad station looking building being constructed on Pleasure Island was going to be the new upscale STK Restaurant but we quickly learned it was just the new restroom complex.  So where is STK actually going to be?
A source told us long ago that it was going where Comedy Warehouse used to be.  And that does seem to be the case, with construction finally just beginning.  This is behind the construction wall at West End Plaza.  Like CW, it would have entryways on both Pleasure Island's upper and lower levels.  We're excited about it not only for some great steaks and potatoes, but also live DJ's that will be performing there later at night!
Speaking of tunnels, this appears to be the entryway (ground level behind the new restroom complex) into the mysterious project known as "The Tunnels Orlando".
Hopefully an underground evening-only adult nightlife district.
An alternate entryway via the stairs outside Adventurers Club / The Edison Orlando.

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