Monday, May 4, 2015

PI Update: Island Vacancies

Let's take a look at the remaining vacant spaces on Pleasure Island. This one is on Hill Street across from Paradiso 37, between the new Sound Lion and Apex Sunglasses stores.
This building across from the outdoor amphitheater will house either one or two new venues; we're not sure since it's wide but not deep.  New windows instead of boards is an indication that something is opening very soon.
This would be the second venue in the same building.  This one is still boarded up.  Two names posted as coming are Vivoli Geleteria and Joffrey's Tea, so perhaps both are opening in here.

This vacant parcel adjacent but across from Raglan Road will be home to some type of food venue operated by Raglan Road, but we don't know what.
Nice view of construction taking place out in the former PI parking lot.  But up close we have the former location of Comedy Warehouse.  Speculation calls for the new STK Restaurant to be built in this area overlooking the Springs with perhaps The Tunnels underneath the plaza you see.
Looking down onto the lower level of the Island.  The Springs will be down there while Planet Hollywood becomes Planet Hollywood Observatory.
We know that railroad station looking building houses the new restrooms that face West End Plaza.  This is the backside of that building and there is construction taking place between the camera and that building.  Because of the distance involved, we couldn't tell if the new construction is on the Island side of the Springs or on the near side of the Springs.  More likely the latter.
We know that 8TRAX renovations are related to renovations taking place at adjacent Mannequins as it is converted into Marimoto Asia Restaurant.  We don't know if it will be an entirely different restaurant or just additional space for Marimoto.  We should know this summer.
Partly hidden by that fence but located between 8TRAX and the bathroom building is an entirely new building with the previously-published Sunshine Rail Line emblem on it. Paradiso 37 is behind it.
The future of Adventurers Club remains a mystery.  Early blueprints labeled it as a cafeteria with a railroad steam locomotive in front of it.  Later concept art displayed a smoke stack where that chimney is and it looked like The Edison Orlando was coming here.
And the future of BET Soundstage Club remains a mystery as well.  But Downtown Disney / Disney Springs could probably use a few more restaurants.

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"But Downtown Disney / Disney Springs could probably use a few more restaurants."

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