Friday, May 15, 2015

DTD Update: Bongos Closing Rumor

Blog reader DJ MadManRay alerted us to a rumor published by Screamscape a couple weeks ago that Bongos Cuban Cafe may be closing.

According to the rumor, the company that owns Splitsville has bought-out the lease and will convert it into a Mexican restaurant.  I was hoping to get more information about this but was not able to develop anything.  There's little doubt that Bongos is a tired concept but would Mexican do any better?  Perhaps they've eyed how jammed Rocco's Tacos is over on Sand Lake Road.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

It may be a tired concept but they have the best Mojito's and tamales EVER.

Anonymous said...

Estafan went downhill after Miami Sound Machine.

Anonymous said...

I would not at all be shocked..

Belle said...

OT but Edison!!! Here's hoping for burlesque and a strict dress code like LA.

KingBob said...


Anon at 12:42pm, not sure that is true.

Anon at 4:03pm, have never eaten there so can't speak for it. But it is large and boring.

Belle, excited about The Edison! But as much as we'd love to see some burlesque there, it seems so unlikely at Disney World.