Saturday, May 16, 2015

Club Reports: Shine, The Other Bar, The Woods, Treehouse, Suite B Lounge, The Patio, Backbooth

Seven clubs in 4 hours last night with the fun beginning at Shine. Located where Slingapour's used to operate, Shine is Wall Street Plaza's only real dance club.
DJ booth up in the corner. One of Orlando's few clubs with actual theming, the vibe in the entire venue is steampunk era!
DJ Travon in the booth spinning mostly Top 40.
Just a few people on the dance floor at this early hour but this place gets really packed!
Also located within Wall Street Plaza, The Other Bar remains a popular location to chill with friends!
DJ Adam Wells in the booth delivering Top 40 and Oldies.
Hadn't seen him playing since early 2013 at clubs Native and Ember!
People do dance in here!
First time visit to The Woods, located upstairs at 49 N. Orange Avenue.
Not a club and no DJ, the music was 40's and then later switched to Hip Hop during the time it took for me to consume my drink.
Spotted at the bar: Nicole, Phillip & Kristy
The group wanted to see Treehouse, a true speakeasy located along Magnolia Ave.
First find the entrance and then club up into the tree!
Definitely not a secret anymore!
Dancing on the grass floor!
 The fun here though is getting your drink and then chilling on the turf!
Stopping next at Suite B Lounge for some much-needed Breakbeats!
Spotted at the booth: MC Marybeth with unspecified friend and DJ Matrix
DJ Funkbaby on the dance floor breaking things up!
Big crowd in here! Dance floor was jammed!
I've heard there's always a party at The Patio!
DJ Parry in the booth delivering an EDM set!
Friday and Saturday nights are a mix of Top 40, Dance and Hip Hop hits.
There is no roof so you're dancing with the stars!
Final stop at Backbooth for their "Footloose 80's Video Night"!
DJ Adam Wright has been delivering the 80's.....since the 90's!
Young crowd in here, but always a packed event!
You're allowed to dance up on the band stage too!
Every Friday night beginning at midnight!
"Wake me up, before you go go!" "Jitterbug!" A good time was had by all!

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