Sunday, May 24, 2015

Club Reports: Luxe, The Block (Fort Walton Beach)

Visiting Fort Walton Beach for the holiday weekend and began my Saturday night out at Luxe Sports Grill downtown along Miracle Strip Parkway.
At one time this venue was called Branigan's and it was a popular dance club. Now, not so much.
It's a sports bar now with pool tables and lots of televisions.
Place was packed for the UFC fight on pay-per-view.  But no dancing.
The Block on Eglin Parkway is advertised as 3-clubs in one.  They have a comedy club which becomes a Karaoke bar late at night, the main section is a Country music bar and back in the rear is the "cell block" which is home to Top 40.  At one time this venue was called Victor's.
VDJ Mr.VIP was in the booth delivering Hip Hop, Top 40 and Line Dances.
Wobble Baby Wobble
Cupid Shuffle
The Florida panhandle is Country music territory.  Meet Sugar the bull.
In the "country block" section of the club they were doing Country line dances to Hip Hop music!  Say what!
Asked the DJ if he plays any EDM?  "Not around here!" LOL.
With three Air Force bases in town (Eglin AFB, Duke Field & Hurlburt Field) plus tourists, expected a bigger turnout.
Did drive over to Destin, home to the massive club Nightown, but with parking in the area jammed and a long line at the door, decided not to go in. That seems to be the major club in the area but I heard it's mostly Hip Hop too.
But The Block was a fun time too and a good time was had by all!

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