Monday, March 16, 2015

PI Update: Springs Construction Update

In this view of Disney Springs' future springs, this view taken from T-Rex Cafe shows the complicated nature of what they're constructing here.
Like a real spring, there apparently will be several bubbling "sources".
Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam view shows that like a real stream, the water will follow an irregular shape.
Concrete reinforced bottom of the spring area.
This area previously contained water that made up The Waterfront. Water from Village Lake connected to this area under the No. 1 Bridge from Downtown Disney Marketplace as pictured above. They will have to keep the springs water clean though so they may no longer connect. 
The water also connected with Village Lake here under the No. 3 Bridge from Downtown Disney West Side, making Pleasure Island a true island.
The lagoon surrounding Planet Hollywood is now dry with this earthen dam stopping the water.  That's the new No. 3 Bridge under construction behind PH with the former No. 3 Bridge taking on the No. 4 Bridge name in plans I've seen.
Another spring area near Planet Hollywood.
The No. 2 Bridge, the bridge that connected Pleasure Island's parking lot to the clubs, is being demolished.  Plans show a new No. 2 Bridge being constructed nearby but crossing the water at more of an angle.
SkyCam picture shows the enormity of the Springs and Town Center projects!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, is bridge 3 going to be removed also (the current long yellow bridge shown below) as it would almost appear that if you look were that new bridge is being built, there are steps right up to the top of what was the west end plaza. If you look at the area, it may make sense that the big bridge goes away and you no longer are able to enter PI from that part of the west end plaza. Which would also give a way to access the tunnels area.

KingBob said...

The concept art shows the bridge still there. The new bridge we see under construction will connect DTD West Side to PI's lower level while the existing bridge connects the West Side to the Island's upper level.

Anonymous said...

Some drawings show a walking path on the lower level from about new bridge 3 around behind Soundstage, AC, and P37.

Also Bob Chapek took a walking tour of DTD Monday night.

KingBob said...

Thanks for the info!

Jeff - Gainesville said...

In the last photo, in the upper right, is the beginnings of the second parking garage?

KingBob said...

No construction yet on the second garage, Jeff. That's all Town Center construction you see there.