Thursday, March 12, 2015

PI Update: Reconnaissance Photos

It's time to take a magical balloon ride over beautiful Pleasure Island and give you a nice tour using our exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog Skycam.
Beginning on the near western end of the Island, there is no apparent work taking place to demolish that bathroom complex on the end or renovating BET Soundstage Club into whatever it's going to become.  If anything is happening inside, it's not visible outside.
Ditto for the former Adventurers Club which we believe will be converted into The Edison Orlando.  If work is taking place inside, we can't see it.
The new back deck at Paradiso 37 is turning out to be an entire new room.  Island sources tell us that the interior is being expanded out towards the water and towards Adventurers Club.
Hanger bar is looking more and more like a huge aircraft hanger!
Sea view of the Waterview Stage outdoor amphitheater wedged between the Hanger and the Boathouse.  Have to wonder how nightly entertainment can still take place here if either of the neighboring venues will have music playing too.
Back up to the SkyCam, a nice view of The Boathouse moving rapidly towards completion.  Look for them to be operational before Memorial Day weekend.
Moving our attention back to the western end of the Island, looking down on the former West End Plaza / Celebration PlazaThe Tunnels would be down below that blocked off area of wood panels.  On top is where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.  On the plaza itself you can see a former railroad roundhouse turntable of the defunct Sunshine Rail Line which used to operate on an elevated high line across the West Side, cross the No. 3 Bridge and apparently end here.
Looking down on Hill Street and the new bathroom complex and new shops.
Mannequins and 8TRAX becoming Morimoto Asia Restaurant.
Nothing new taking place across the Hub in this parcel where Raglan Road is supposed to be building an unspecified food venue.
No announcements or permits filed yet for this new building directly across from the Waterview Stage.
All three new retailers are open in the Motion Corridor in the former service court behind Raglan Road.  This is the place for hats, flip-flops and gluten-free baked goods.
Off the Island, the new portal to the Orange Garage is nearing completion as is the adjoining landscaping.
A SkyCam picture for our Car Park fans!
Finally, vertical construction has begun on the first of two pedestrian overpasses at the corner of Buena Vista Drive and Hotel Plaza Blvd.  Come on down and see it all for yourself!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

I was thinking that the work between P37 and AC might have something to do with the rumored "Tunnels". But, it appears that it is only the addition to P37.

Anonymous said...

Still. Not. Exciting. BLAH!

Anonymous said...

They could have left Mannequins Dance Palace alone. It would have fit in well with the new Disney Springs back story and with all the new buildings Morimoto's could have gone somewhere else. Disney should at least use the rotating floor and stage with the cast members dancing for appropriate music and dancing to go along with Morimoto's Asian theme.

Anonymous said...

The only real story is, will these restaurants convert into clubs after 9-10pm???

KingBob said...

STK was recently interviewing DJ's so I'm told that place will become an ultralounge later at night.

No word yet on any others but if they have to stay open until 2am, they gotta do something!