Monday, March 9, 2015

PI Update: The Other Side

We really haven't seen the front side of Pleasure Island since they closed the PI parking lot and the No. 2 Bridge.
But the gate was open yesterday so it was a good opportunity to snap some pics.
The southern side of Mannequins is completely opened-up!
And you can look right into it as far as that back (north) wall.  This is being converted into Morimoto Asia Restaurant.
The 8TRAX building is still there but it too has had its south wall completely opened.  It will also be a restaurant but we don't know if it will be a separate or combined operation from what is going into Mannequins. (Click on image twice to enlarge and view the Sunshine Rail Line graphic on the building.)
The Curl by Sammy Duval building was torn down but you can see new construction it its place just to the left of 8TRAX.
We believe that building and this old railroad depot-looking building, which is directly behind the new Pleasure Island restroom complex, will be the home of the new STK upscale steakhouse.
View of the former Pleasure Island parking lot from the Blog's exclusive SkyCam.
This is the first building or series of buildings going in to the Town Center portion of the Disney Springs complex.
A view back from the other side.
Very few announcements yet on what is going into Town Center.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Nice SkyCam views!

KingBob said...

Thanks! We'll have more SkyCam photos later this week.